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Music Producer / Composer / Recording and Mixing Engineer / Artist / Humanitarian

Contrived With Legacy Values

Rocky Bourgoyne conceives not only his own music but also produces, engineers, mixes and composes other artists as well - spawning songs to the highest degree. Bourgoyne admits, "Ultimately I'm stamping my signature on a product and I want it to be crowning. Along every step-of-the-way, I strive for getting the most out of a project and that can sometimes take a toll, both physically and mentally. Artists new to the process need to be prepared to surrender themselves to the song. Learning to let go and put your trust in a third-party really is a learning and discovery process, but Bourgoyne aims to be a partner more than an outsider. My time and reputation are important and I am very selective with whom I work with."

His compositions bear witness to meticulous craftsmanship. By sticking to time-tested songwriting and recording values, the intention to develop songs that do not follow trends but instead suspends time is the goal. "That's the intent. The music or artist has to sell me; if it doesn't then I am selling myself. I won't take a client if I don't believe something in them. It's not about the money for me; it's about great music. It's knowing an artist's potential and extracting every ounce. It's about mammoth of songs," reveals Bourgoyne.

"If a song has a strong hook, solid arrangement or lyric it influences me. Songs from the past or from today... sometimes it could be the tone of a voice. I never know where the next influence will come from", says Bourgoyne, who's self-taught attitude has persuaded his every move and decision. "I've cut my teeth with cheap equipment in small rooms. I've been in situations where the decked was stacked against me with a mountain to climb. However, I know that with great passion and determination you can do great things."

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  •   32-Years of Age
  •   Owner of Kyberdence Records
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