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1.18.17. New website

Rocky’s new website is here and it’s going to be bloody amazing. Music showcasing his original songs, drum, studio & recording work, artists collabs and much more. There will be a featured song section which will go in-depth and behind the scenes into the making and recording of the song. A discussion about the track will follow and any questions about the song you may have will be answered by Rocky himself. So whether it’s an EQ question or a personal one, feel free to ask anything you’re curious about.  The Future Grammy Award Winner has also opened up his Journal which details personal struggles and ramblings. All musical news / updates will be listed on the home page. There is lots more to come so stay tuned. You can always visit Rocky’s facebook page for instant updates.

Featured Song In-Depth

Battle Cry

copyright 2011 Rocky Bourgoyne All Rights Reserved.


“Battle Cry” is a song about personal triumph and internal perseverance. Rocky talks, “I think it’s a common theme for a lot of people, if not all. We all go through stuff. This is my anthem and I have high hopes it will be for the world also. It was the second song I ever wrote, but the first for the album I was going to release with my writing and recording partner, Walter Rushing. I had just met Mr. Rushing and I wanted to impress him with my lyric ability so I worked for a few days writing. The words were easy for me. I enjoy writing huge anthem-type songs. I could write ballads all day. The secret to writing a big theme type song is that it must be perfect. It has to engage you the entire time, both lyrically and sonically. I think we did pretty well with it and am very happy with the results”. Unfortunately, due to creative differences, the album between the duo was never finished. “I have a dozen songs like this on the studio hard-drive all waiting to see the light of day again”, says Rocky. “It’s sad because they are all on the same level as Battle Cry”.

Song Credits

Written by: Rocky Bourgoyne / Walter Rushing
Recorded at: Rocky’s home studio
Engineer – Rocky Bourgoyne
Vocals, Rhythm & Lead Guitar – Walter Rushing
Drums, Synth, Acoustic Guitar – Rocky Bourgoyne

Studio Details

Recorded with Cakewalk Sonar.
Drums are Pearl Exports. Coated Remo Kings.  Zildjian A Customs
Guitar – Les Paul through a custom stack.


Battle Cry”

Aware of what’s to come
It’s time to prepare yourself
So arm your guns, they’re on the run
The heat of the battle is hotter than the sun
In the air you sense the fear
It’s time to say a prayer
Face the enemy inside
Hear the battle drums as they run and hide

Fight for what you feel inside
Fight for what you know is right
Never let it go until you die
Fight for what you feel inside
Never let go you gotta stay strong

You did your best it’s time to rest
Your next battle will truly test
Your ability, your reasoning and your power to suggest
But once you face the nightmare
You think it’s over and know you shouldn’t care
Don’t be quick to let your guard down
You may have to go another round


Fight for what you feel inside
Fight for what you know is right
Never let it go until you die
Fight for what you feel inside
Never let go you gotta stay strong
You gotta stay strong