Being forced to do something I don’t want to do

I have to walk away from my music for now. I will be back. But leaving is not by my choice. I am being forced. My life has taken a dramatic change of course. I have endured more in 2 weeks than most people endure in a lifetime. It’s not even nature that’s causing it. The natural order of things does not apply here. Mother nature doesn’t apply here. Nothing of any sense applies. It is a brutal invasion of privacy and freedoms. Listen, we are not free. If you live in a land under a government, you are not free. No place on Earth you are free and realizing just how vulnerable you really are is terrifying and extremely concerning. I can not have peace knowing this. I don’t have peace worrying if my every move will be judged, tracked and scrutinized. I can not have peace knowing that at any time, of any day, someone can come inside my home and tell me how I should be living on a property that I own and is paid for. I can not have peace living among so many people who are not happy if you are happy. I don’t have peace and for once in my life, I realize how America is not America that it once was so very long ago. It saddens me. Monsters and villains are not just in Disney movies; they exist every day in real life.