It's all about music- legacy making melodies, lyrics, songs, and albums. The power it has to shape society, influence lives and lead generations are the reasons I wake in the morning and fight sleep at night. - Rocky Bourgoyne

Bourgoyne, a music producer, crafts not only his own compositions but also works with other artists as well - spawning songs to the highest standard. Living just minutes outside one of the most popular musical cities on the planet, one would assume a musician would be influenced by the cultural music blanket his neighboring city is known to cast; we're talking about New Orleans for those who are wondering. To the contrary, Rocky Bourgoyne is strict on creating a musical empire with its own artists, guided by his direction and instinct and ignoring what's trending around town. He believes if you're making songs sound similar to everyone else then you're not going to be working with him. " Listening to music is not always pleasurable because of how much I analyze the song. No matter what's playing, I'm listening to the arrangement or the mix, contemplating how it was done. It could be a  2-minute track and in that time, a range of emotions come over me. Usually, it's excitement followed by the angst of not knowing the exact details of how it was done. The comes the jealously because I didn't make it. So while listening to music is one of my favorite things to do, it also pisses me off. I rather be making it. Listening agitates me so much that I'll often listen to talk radio instead. It's absolutely true. I'm too anxious to create all the time. I am not even comfortable with my bio at the moment, because for me, I haven't created what I wanted yet," he says. Like the universe in which we all live, Rocky is a polar extreme of opposites all at the same time.

The 33-year-old music entrepreneur doesn't want to settle for an average career. Rocky affirms, "I will be extremely disappointed if all I ever did musically was release material which didn't touch the very soul of those listening. Even though the intention is to make songs heard by as many people as possible, I can be happy if the product put out was recorded, written and produced to the highest standards set, and that includes on an emotional level as well. That's all I can really ask for. I just refuse to produce lame songs." That reason alone is what make Bourgoyne want to have his hand on the controls. He adds, "Some artists want to get in & out as quickly as possible. It takes a certain person to sit there and let a stranger tell you the direction you want to go may be wrong or that the way you're playing could be better. Egos must be left at the entrance or else it won't work out. Ultimately I'm stamping my name on a product and I want it to meet the standards I have set. At every step-of-the-way, I strive for getting the most out of me and my clients and that can sometimes take a toll; both physically and mentally. Artists new to the process need to be prepared to surrender themselves to the song. Learning to let go and put your trust in me, and me in you really is a learning and discovery process. My time and reputation are important and I am very picky with who I work with."

His compositions are notable for their huge productions. This bears witness to meticulous craftsmanship. By sticking to time-tested songwriting and recording values, the intention to develop songs that do not follow trends but instead suspends time is the goal. "That's the intent, anyway. The music or artist has to sell me; if it doesn't, then I am just selling myself. I won't take on a client if I don't believe something amazing won't come out of it. It's not about making a buck, it's about music - great music. It's about knowing an artist's potential and exploring the deepest parts of their mind. It's about strong songs. I want what is made to last generations!", reveals Rocky.

His influences are all across the board. "If a song has a strong hook or a great lyric it influences me; If it has a solid arrangement, it influences me. Songs from the past or songs from today. It could also be the tone of a voice. I never know where the next influence will be derived", says Bourgoyne, who's self-taught attitude has persuaded his every move and decision. "I've cut my teeth with cheap equipment in small rooms. I've been in situations where a deck was stacked against me with a mountain to climb. However, I know that with great passion and determination you can do great things. Over the course of a year, I literally recorded and mixed a full-length album that hit major store chains and you wouldn't have even known it was recorded on the some of the basic of equipment - literally a Behringer 16-track $99 mixer and a $200 audio interface. The most important gear is your ears and instinct. You have to trust them". That really is what you are investing in when hiring a producer. It's their experience, their ear, their affliction for what works and doesn't. It's their ability not to agree with everything you're doing just because you're paying them.  Anyone can buy recording gear and hit record. Not everyone can record or recognize a hit, whether it's a radio hit or an emotional one.