M(K) Album Update…

One more song left to track instrumentation on the M(K) album! 10 songs total and I can not wait for the world to hear. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have signed this talented artist and produce him. I have no doubt it will catch the attention.

I’m looking forward to this fall. I’m meeting some serious contacts in the industry and showcasing some big talent. Fingers crossed.

Latest Mixes are sounding great!

I’ve been working so hard trying to improve my mixing abilities. Studying only gets you so far. Getting the hands (and ears) dirty is the only way; through a thousand mistakes come breakthroughs. One day it suddenly clicks and now you’re there. I am so grateful that it’s all finally starting to come together. I’m blown away at the quality I’m getting. So much depth and clarity. Soon, you’ll hear it. I’m happy!

Simple changes make the biggest difference

Just getting in from a late night session. I’m finally knocking out some of these songs that have been stagnant, and all they needed was a little bit of support from some very simple elements. Sometimes it’s the smallest change which makes the biggest impact, both in music and in life. I know in music, adding just 1 note can be the difference between a good song and a great song. It doesn’t take much. I’ve found that to be true in so many things in life (at least in mine). Small changes add up. Simplicity layers well. It wears well. It tastes delicious and in song arrangement, it sounds huge.