Simple changes make the biggest difference

Just getting in from a late night session. I’m finally knocking out some of these songs that have been stagnant, and all they needed was a little bit of support from some very simple elements. Sometimes it’s the smallest change which makes the biggest impact, both in music and in life. I know in music, adding just 1 note can be the difference between a good song and a great song. It doesn’t take much. I’ve found that to be true in so many things in life (at least in mine). Small changes add up. Simplicity layers well. It wears well. It tastes delicious and in song arrangement, it sounds huge.

Praise God

Speaking of God, you must listen to voice inside your head at times because I do truly believe it’s him communicating to us. I listen to my gut, and it’s never really let me down. It brought me to my wife, it brought me to this place I now live, it brought me to so many opportunities, discoveries and lessons. I am truly blessed to be able to see it all in a perspective that keeps me at bay; keeping me grateful. Just yesterday, out the blue, I started searching for churches. Nothing inspired me to go out searching, and no one convinced me. It was just something I had to do. I found one I thought would be interesting to visit, but my wife couldn’t go due to a very reasonable reason. I was bummed… kinda fought her on it (like always), and pouted a bit. However, in the end, it led me to looking elsewhere and I found another. Their website seemed to resonate with me on so many levels. In fact, I knew this was a special place. Excited this morning, I set out not knowing why I was heading there. I have never been a church goer. I have never attended one nor wanted to. It was as if I was being guided by a force. I was being led by faith and was listening to what my gut was telling me. Long story short, today was one of those days you always will remember; and I’m glad to have shared it with my wife and kids at my side. This church is amazing and I already see why God led me there. For reasons I can not explain, I am captivated at the energy which has been telling me to set forth and do this. Also, if it wasn’t for my wife not wanting to go to my first choice, I wouldn’t have discovered it. So, EVERY disappointment happens for a reason. I should have known this because my life has been full of challenges these last couple of years; all leading me to bigger and better things – things which I would have never imagined could come true in my life. Close your eyes and listen, trust that voice inside your head and follow it. This voice is the same voice which has been guiding my musical dreams my whole life. It hasn’t been easy. I’ve had to work extremely hard to get to this point, but I want to thank God for every bit of it. I’ve been getting blessed with so many opportunities lately and even though I am Christian, I found it tough to accept why it is happening. I know it’s not luck, and I know it’s not chance. It feels bigger than that. It feels way bigger. The stars which are aligning only happen once in a lifetime; sometimes never in this existence. I have the very strong desire to make good on what I have been presented and given. I don’t feel worthy enough for some of these moments, and I really needed to reach out to the one who is behind it all. Praying at dinner tables doesn’t seem like enough. Giving thanks waking up doesn’t either. Even being a good person doesn’t seem like it’s enough to warrant such blessings. I just want to get to the heart of who or what is behind it all. I want to give back more. I want to contribute to the same energy which has filled my life. I need to. It’s almost as if I’m not living if I’m not trying my damn hardest to give the best thank you of my lifetime. I already try to do it to the people around me. I now want to say it, live it, and show it to the force which has led them.

Back up and it feels great

The new studio is up and running but not without some kinks. After 4 years of being dormant though not ever away mentally, I am now putting everything into place which I’ve dreamed about during that time. I can’t let the quirks distract me from my mission and must remember that I’m so close. Recording sessions started back up on a project which has been put on such a long hold. It’s only been 3 days since I started back up, but I’m happy to report that the sound of the new room is the best I’ve had yet. I’m not used to working in a single room for both recording and mixing. It’s a huge room (30’x25′), and has it’s challenges, but I can work around it. It’s tough when you’re not where you want to be, but I know that it’s part of God’s plan and I’ll get there when he decides, not me.


All I wish is that the people I am there for be there for me and not judge the guy who recluses himself into his world after giving so much of himself. You always knew from the beginning this is where I need to be.