My Mind Is Overloaded…

Let’s face it. I think too much. I read even more than I think. I think even more when I read. The cycle continues non-stop. At days end, my exhausted mind must hold strong for my body to perform its tasks at hand. It can be brutal on the body, mind and spirit. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy overcoming hurdles, and I do it each day; but if you’ve ever climbed Everest then you know climbing mountains (though rewarding) is very exhausting. The top is why I want to be, but the hills are plentiful. The trick is doing it without ever losing enjoyment or sight of why you decided to climb in the first place.

I have my supports I lean on. My beautiful wife is polar opposite of what I do and how I think. At times, it conflicts but in-truth I need her for the balancing she unknowingly provides me for the brief moments I am with her. Brief the moments seem because they never are long enough. No matter how slowly I try to eat dinner so I’m next to her longer, or how slowly I walk behind her at a store so I can watch the way she moves, time eventually catches up and the moment is gone. I love and respect her very much. She doesn’t know how important of a role she plays in my life. I throw my everything into the music and the creation of it. Being married has had its challenges in regard to dividing my love between it and my wife, but I ‘know  I could ever find another woman who was as willing to sacrifice the seconds of time so that I can take those seconds and dedicate them away from her. I am truly grateful for her and all the sacrificing she makes so I can pursue this dream. It is why I am here at 2AM working at the studio while she sleeps. I will not be content until I see all the sacrifices were worth it.  This intent of this mission is strong



M(K) Album Update…

One more song left to track instrumentation on the M(K) album! 10 songs total and I can not wait for the world to hear. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have signed this talented artist and produce him. I have no doubt it will catch the attention.

I’m looking forward to this fall. I’m meeting some serious contacts in the industry and showcasing some big talent. Fingers crossed.

Incoming Transmission

Latest Mixes are sounding great!

I’ve been working so hard trying to improve my mixing abilities. I’m never happy. Being content is not enough for me. I’m always striving to get ahead of yesterday and trying to overshoot tomorrow. I need to realize (and remember) that this kind of stuff isn’t easy and small breakthroughs are only found through huge setbacks. Studying only gets you so far. Getting the hands (and ears) dirty is the only way. I purposley set out each day knowing I will make hundreds of mistakes, hoping to improve the next day, then making a hundred one. Rinse and repeat. One day it suddenly clicks and you’re one step closer, but you must not give up on those days when you question if everything you’re doing is going to get you to point B. There is a quote I like Ashley Ormon,

“Often, people give up without knowing success was just around the corner; if they had only preserved a little longer, if they had only tried one more time, they could have succeeded.”

I always try to remember that every day, but God it takes so much work to stay focused. It’s exhausting.