Praise God

I don’t feel worthy enough for some of these moments, and I really needed to reach out to the one who is behind it all. Praying at dinner tables doesn’t seem like enough. Giving thanks waking up doesn’t either. Even being a good person doesn’t seem like it’s enough to warrant such blessings. I just want to get to the heart of who or what is behind it all.

Back up and it feels great

The new studio is up and running but not without some kinks. After 4 years of being dormant though not ever away mentally, I am now putting everything into place which I’ve dreamed about during that time. I can’t let the quirks distract me from my mission and must remember that I’m so close.


All I wish is that the people I am there for be there for me and not judge the guy who recluses himself into his world after giving so much of himself You always knew from the beginning this is where I need to be.