My Theory On Music Theory

Theory is nothing more than science. Science is a bunch of theories. Ever heard of the “Theory of Gravity” by Sir Issac Newton? Yeah, theory explains things. However, knowing the “whys” is not always a good thing.

The best live vocalist of our time.

Justin Furstenfeld, I appreciate you not only as a musician but as a man – beyond what I could ever convey to you. My efforts to attain musical greatness that can match even 10% of your level is what I hope to attain in my musical career

Change Who You Are Today

Don’t allow your past to shape your thoughts or who you want to be today. Our atoms (the stuff we’re made of) get’s replenished all the time. In essence, we lose a bit of ourselves each day, but at the same time, we gain.

Getting Back to Basics

The Beatles, Beach Boys, and so many greats not only had talent, they only had themselves. No amount of software or plugins will make a song for you.