Coming Back

Even though I never left mentally, physically I have been away from music. Life shot me a detour of 2 years. I will need to make it up and make it up fast. Several days ago I have started to unpack and try to get my studio back up. I can honestly say that if you really love something or someone….being away will never pause the love and affection you have. It will only strengthen your love and desire. If it’s meant to be it will always be. Time doesn’t pause and neither does love.

I had to not only walk away from music but also from an album that was 70% completed. This album is really going to be my masterpiece in my career (at least I’m hoping). The artist I am recording and producing was really kind and patient enough to wait for me to finish my project so that I can fully devote 100% of my attention to the music when I came back. There was no way I could make a record with my mind and body being pulled in a million directions. So I put the album on pause and walked away. Very hard was the decision for I didn’t know if we would be able to recapture the creative window we had almost a year ago. A new studio will be used when I ultimately finish the record with him. It’s going to be interesting to try and keep all the stop & go’s sounding like one whole unit. We’ll see…. Brian Wilson has recorded some fantastic albums in multiple studios so why not me? šŸ™‚