Changing Seasons

It became less about the vehicle I'm driving and more about the road I'm on. Talking about myself and throwing feckless words into the universe doesn't fulfill me. Actually, it has become very mundane.  I have focused all my remaining energy and time into the people I have around me, the country I live in and the planet I'm on; all while producing and releasing the greatest records I can through my company, Hitsbourg. I can not change the world or the industry by thinking of myself. I can not make a difference writing journal entries of self loath and despair. For one to make a difference, they must sacrifice themselves at some point and throw everything they have into something beyond what they think they are capable of. I think we could all benefit if we assess if what we are doing is serving ourselves or serving others. The world would definitely be a better place if we do the latter.

I have but two ways you can reach me for communication and updates. Instagram, which is the only social media I do and email. If you want to follow me, then those are the only two outlets. Look for my name on records across the country and enjoy the sounds I produced, mixed or composed. See you on the world stage.

By the grace of God,
Rocky Bourgoyne