Song before showmanship

For over 20 years, Rocky Bourgoyne has been drumming on records, sessions and live shows. At every beat, he consistently maintains the highest level of professionalism for love of the craft and the music.

Recording Sessions

$250 (starting)

Starting price is base price. Each song is an additional $100. You only pay for songs that are completed.

It takes a certain musician to track on studio recordings. A demanding skill that requires attention to detail and technical execution, time is money. Every second counts.


– Can play / record to a click track
– Has extensive experience with studio tracking
– Terrific drum mic control.
– Can overdub / layer
– Experienced drum programmer
– Electronic, Acoustic or Hybrid Ability

Online Drum Recordings

$350 Per Song

– No money down
– 3 Revisions included. Additional revisions: $75
– Drum mixed to you song starting at $199

Submit your music and receive a custom drum track. Each track is recorded in Bourgoyne’s studio to the highest degree. Receive the drum parts either mixed to your song (additional price) or just the drum track files.


– Saves time and money compared to traditional sessions
– You pay nothing up-front
– Discount available for additional songs

Live Shows

$150 (starting)

– Includes travel (100 miles)
– Rehearsal with your band ($25 per hour)
– Show duration ($100 per hour)

No matter the type of show, Rocky is highly experienced when it comes to being in front of an audience. If you’re looking for someone to blend in the background and do their job or be a part of the forefront, Bourgoyne is your drummer. A lot of work and preparation goes into a live gig. Below are the stages listed which Rocky’s price reflects:

Steps Involved and Price Stages

Discovery Stage
Time will be needed to learn new material. A typical show can have anywhere from 1 – 3 dozen songs easily. The amount of time needed to learn these songs ahead of time is a big part of the price, but you are not charged for this stage.


Rehearsal Stage & 1st Time Pay Clock Starts
Once learned, there may be a need for rehearsals. This involves loading equipment, travelling, unloading, setting up then often times breaking back down. This is all takes time, but is not always necessary. Bourgoyne is professional enough to just wing it day of show if you prefer.  However, if rehearsals are required, then the going pay rate starts on downbeat 1 and continues till rehearsal is over.


Day of Show Stage & 2nd Time Pay Clock Starts
After rehearsals, there’s loading the gear back up and travelling to the venue, unloading, setting up and soundcheck.  Do you see where this is going? It requires tremendous amounts of work putting on just one show. The going pay rate starts when curtains open and until they close.