The best live vocalist of our time.

Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October,


Rocky Bourgoyne with Justin Furstenfeld

I appreciate you not only as a musician but as a man – beyond what I could ever convey to you. My efforts to attain musical greatness that can match even 10% of your level is what I hope to attain in my musical career. Your band has been one of the many influences which has set the musical bar for me in all I do. The sound, mixing, lyrics, emotion and melodies you create always remind me that even in darkest of times, beautiful things can arrive from it. Your desire to stay true to your heart, loved ones, kids and wife is perhaps the biggest influence on me. I have always stayed single because I feared the woman in my life wouldn’t understand the passion I have for music. I feared that I couldn’t travel, record or pursue the goal of spreading emotions and messages across the country. 2 years ago, my fiancee’ bought me tickets to see your acoustic show in New Orleans where I got the pleasure to finnaly shake your hand. It was one of the best gifts I have ever received. She knew what this would do to me. She knew it would only add fuel to the musical fire inside me. That moment is when I knew she was the one and is when I started the countdown towards asking her to be my wife. The sheer joy of her face seeing mine confirmed she would stand by me for while I try to chase my dreams. I have been to your show over a half-a-dozen times before, but this one was different. You seemed happier / more at peace. As always, you delievered an energy that captivated the whole room, but this time you could literally hear a pin hit the ground; jaws were dropped. You touched souls and pulled at the heart-strings of those like me who respect talent like yours. I am proud you pulled yourself up everytime your world came crashing down. I am inspired you never gave up and always fought, clawing back to the top – each and everytime becoming an even better version of the previous you. Thank you for never giving up. Thank you for making this great music, having strength to always put your story ahead of  worry. And Thank you for always being an inspiration – in your good times and bad.

Rocky Bourgoyne

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