Tough Times…

More good people getting attacked and knives thrown their way. Thrown by people who have sad lives and must only destroy to feel like they are in power. In reality, these people are not in control of their own lives and are broken inside. People who unselfishly care and do for others are getting stepped on. People who never ask anything in return because they aren’t about material things, favors or scorecards. Good will always triumph bad. Good always wins. Bad may have its time but it’s constantly on edge, constantly looking over its shoulders, constantly trying to feed its hunger with materials and distractions, constantly worried about losing, and constantly searching for happiness.
You will never have what I have. I am richer than any material object. I am happier than you’ll ever be because I choose to be different. I choose to be free. You choose to conform, settle, be told what to do, and follow the norm. I’m not made for the city. This grid-like, thoughtless, assembly line. With your cookie cutter houses and your shallow Sunday confessions; you look outside your window judging everyone and everything, yet ignore the ugly inside yourself. Your jealousy and hate is the destruction of American freedoms. You should really try putting yourself into other people’s shoes sometime and show some empathy. That is what’s missing in our society. Empathy. Too much emphasis is placed on competition, material things or looks. Amazing how in the land of the free you are not, but inside I am freer than you’ll ever be. You envy my freedom to do what I please. You envy my desire to think outside the box. You stand in your cardboard thrones and stare in disgust as you watch me move freely about, while you wait for permission to breathe. Here I am being forced to bend over and take a ramming of corruption up my ass from thieves who stay up late at night trying to figure out how to rape the little guy. Well, I got news for them. And to all you nosey, materialistic, robotic neighbors who want everyone to look and act just like you and other jealous, sad excuses for compassionate human beings – you are the ones who are truly fucked, not I. I have a double finger salute just for you and the rest of society who all think and act the same.

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