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Rocky Bourgoyne, commonly known as ALLF4 LE0, is a class E M-Defense fighter. The year is 2541, and original music has been ruled forbidden. He’s come back in time to recapture melody and help save the citizens of planet Earth from the abandonment and ultimate destruction of the recording arts. His loyalty is to the Hitsbourg Federation, whose core mission is to explore the universe, seek new sounds, spread harmony, and advance the beat against evil forces who wish to silence the ancient art of melodic creation.

Squaduring and consuming until nothing was left to take.

The ultimate demise of music began when humans started devaluing their own creations. It started in the year 1999. Decades of freeloading slowly eroded the appreciation, respect, and enjoyment of creations. Then came the great flood of attention seekers saturating the airwaves with noise, drowning everything in its path. Once A.I. took over, it permanently terminated originality. Experienced producers became obsolete, but the destruction of music was only the beginning. Ultimately, the powers-to-be saw an opportunity to silence expression for good – proving that when human values fall, so does their existence.

Conditioned over the centuries, humans forgot what great music sounds like. They don’t know how to recognize powerful rhythm, banging beats, or hynotic trance. It’s not allowed anyway, but for those who hide underground, the silence is reveals faint sounds of songs from the past. Rebelling against Chriswalt, the socialist leader of the failed new world. If caught, they risk being turned into clones of the societs.